Introduction Videos

It's time the dental profession evolve its hiring practices to reach beyond resumes and job postings which are limited in scope and, in many ways, outdated.

hiring professionals

Live interviews are essential for both hiring professionals and job seekers. At DentiHire, our ultimate goal is finding a great fit.

Research suggests

Research suggests that hiring managers make up their minds about a candidate within minutes of beginning an interview. Our introduction video feature ensures that candidates have an opportunity to speak directly to hiring managers and that everyone has the information they need to make informed decisions.

DentiHire is here to bridge the gap between hiring professionals and job seekers.

How Does It Work?

At DentiHire, we've studied the top three questions asked by both hiring professionals and job seekers in the dental industry. Once a member has set up an account and identified their preferences, they will be given the opportunity to record an introduction video comprised of 3 two-minute responses. These videos will become part of the member's profile or posting and will be viewable to the hiring or job seeking party.

Benefits to Hiring Professionals

  • Tell job seekers' exactly what you are looking for
  • View job seekers' introduction videos at your convenience without the hassle and expense of meeting in real life
  • Gauge job seekers' professionalism and enthusiasm

Benefits to Job Seekers

  • Gain key insights about potential employers
  • Prepare your introduction video with the knowledge that hiring professionals will review it and see why you’re a great fit
  • Alleviate stress and travel expense
Live Digital Interviews
Live Digital Interviews

We recognize that, in certain cases, it may be helpful to conduct an interview via live video chat. That is why we offer a "Meet Now" feature which allows members to participate in real-time interviews.

How may this help?

  • Reduce time-to-hire by quickly and conveniently scheduling interviews, especially when participant travel or office hours are prohibiting.
  • Provide additional ways of screening candidates before scheduling subsequent interviews.
  • Reduce traveling costs for candidates.
  • Allow candidates who may be out of the area, like a dental program, to start interviewing for jobs.